Helping our customers

Register, renew and manage your domains using our new domain management tool – powered by WHMCS – the leading provider of customer driven domain management and billing software. To login simply visit and take it from there. If you have any issues – no problem – just get in touch and someone will on hand to assist.

A brand new shorter, sharper .uk domain!

Nominet is proud to launch a new shorter, sharper .uk domain, available alongside for the first time. and On The Spot are delighted to bring these new domains to our customers.

From today, registrants opting for a brand new .uk can benefit from being part of the trusted UK namespace, while embracing the shorter option.

For those who already have the domain your rights to the .uk version are automatically protected for 5 years. To claim yours simply login to our new control panel or contact us today for more information.

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