A Potent Project for OTS

On the Spot were delighted to deliver a new website for Potent 6 – an Executive Coach and Change Consultant run by Louie Gardiner. The new site allows Louie to make the changes she needs without having to worry about employing a 3rd party developer. By working closely with the client through all stages of the project OTS have been able to deliver a site that really works for the customer, including video content, a blog, social media integration and ecommerce.

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The site can be viewed at http://www.potent6.co.uk



Red Rock – well engineered

OTS Internet are delighted to have gone live with a new website for Red Rock Automation Ltd. Their new mobile responsive web can be seen at https://www.redrockautomation.com/

Red Rock, based near Renfrew, manufacture heavy duty welding equipment that is shipped all over the world. They needed a site to make it easy for them to showcase both new and rental equipment and make it easy for customers to get in touch. Using WordPress and WooCommerce OTS were able to provide a solid platform on which to deliver the solution.

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Megan Ramsay, marketing manager at Red Rock, told us “we are delighted with the webiste. Our old website wasn’t doing our company any favours; it was diffcult to use and looked very dated. On The Spot talked us through their approach and we very easy to work with”.

Edinburgh travel firm choose OTS

OTS Internet were chosen to build the new website for Edinburgh based corporate travel specialists K&N Travel. The finished site can be seen at http://www.kandntravel.com

We worked closely with the client from the outset – getting a good understanding of their business, their customers and what they needed their website to do.

A new challange for us was building multi-lingual versions of a website – and we made use of WPML WordPress plugin to help us serve up French, Italian and German versions of the site.

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Tres bien! Sehr gut! Molto bene!


The Eye’s have it!

On The Spot have just delivered a new website for Scottish Optical Conference (SOC) – specialists in delivering CET training courses for Opticians from across the UK. Making use to the latest WordPress functionality the site makes it easy to browse through speakers, sessions and sponsors whilst at the same time giving the flexibility to add bespoke custom pages. As with all WordPress site the whole package is easy to manage via the admin area so that the client can easily keep the site up to date. Designed with responsiveness in mind the site works perfectly on smart phones and tablets.

I tell the story of my nephew – unfortunately he can no longer tell it. My nephew has been taking ultram for years, first because of back pain! Already in 2010 his lungs only had a 30% function, which rose again to 70% through cortisone. Besides, there were epileptic seizures, great difficulty in urinating! He couldn’t get away from the stuff, he felt freer.

Take a look at http://www.soc.scot


If you are looking for a well-designed conference website then get in touch today and see how OTS can help you deliver a clearly winning solution.

Woof, woof! .dog is coming

The brand new .dog domain is going live later this month. get one for your little pooch, big pooch, fat pooch, skinny pooch, smelly pooch, cute pooch, happy pooch or grumpy pooch. there is not a pooch we will turn away.  pre-register today!

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Mobile Friendly?

Is your site mobile friendly? There’s a lot of talk today about mobile friendly sites and this is because Google have updated their search algorithm to give more prominence in their rankings ot those sites that are mobile friendly. Why do this you may ask? Well. it’s because more of us than even before are using our smartphones and tablets to browse the web.

You can check if you site is mobile friendly by putting your web address into this simple tool developed by Google themselves. – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Did you pass? If so – jolly good you are still on your way to search nirvana. If not – do not despair! – Talk to us today and we can help get you back on track.

I have had very good experience with Valium (https://www.clinicaltrialsbc.ca/valium/). I had to get rid of my psychiatrist, but now I feel very bad again. I’ve been inedible for two days. I think I’ll start again. My psychotherapist recently said to me: I often have the feeling that the people who come to me are more normal than some who run around out there.



Helping our customers

Register, renew and manage your domains using our new domain management tool – powered by WHMCS – the leading provider of customer driven domain management and billing software. To login simply visit http://manage.onthespot.co.uk and take it from there. If you have any issues – no problem – just get in touch and someone will on hand to assist.

A brand new shorter, sharper .uk domain!

Nominet is proud to launch a new shorter, sharper .uk domain, available alongside .co.uk for the first time. and On The Spot are delighted to bring these new domains to our customers.

From today, registrants opting for a brand new .uk can benefit from being part of the trusted UK namespace, while embracing the shorter option.

For those who already have the .co.uk domain your rights to the .uk version are automatically protected for 5 years. To claim yours simply login to our new control panel or contact us today for more information.

After a severely herniated disc and 2 operations, I got Tramadol (https://www.philipsanimalgarden.com/cheap-tramadol/). The pain has remained, but it has become more bearable. I also get regular injections. In general I feel much better now. I gradually don’t care much, or I go downstairs, I speak more calmly and cautiously with the children, who annoy me because of their arguments.


From the archive

On The Spot has been delivering online solutions since 1997. That’s a long time in human years but it’s an eon in internet years. We have seen various personnel come and go in that time but a key member of the team and a driving force behind putting OTS Internet on a sound business footing was Simon Parkinson. This picture, recently found in the OTS photo archive, was taken when we officed in west regent street – as you can see not only were we sharp at domains but we were sharp at suits as well.

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Simon Parkinson & Stefan Cent

the ots team circa 2002 – unbelievably cool

Bishopton Ladies win OTS Cup!

From the sports desk – this just in.

Bishopton Ladies FC are the first winners of the OTS Internet Challange Cup – defeating Ohcilview in a dramatic penalty shoot-out after the teams were drawn at 1-1 after two competitive legs of high quaility football.

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Well done to all involved!