Giffnock struggle in the Norwood rain as Drumchapel dominate

Giffnock 0 – 11 Drumchapel

Goals: n/a

After the sunny uplands of Cup football – Giffnock returned to league duty with a soggy thud, being on the receiving end of what some may politely describe as a ‘proper doing’.

Straight from the off it was clear the visitors had the upper hand – making probing runs into Giffnock territory and putting the home defence under pressure. Still some link up play between Joseph and Jake saw a decent chance carved out in the 5th minute and the promise of a close game to come. Alas it was not to be, and once Drumchapel went ahead with a header in the 8th minute it was pretty much one-way traffic for the rest of the match. The second goal a minute after saw Giffnock very much on the back foot and some panicky play resulted in passes going awry and a struggle to keep possession. The defence was dogged at times, and a couple of chances for Jake and Harrison in the half certainly gave the visitors something to think about – but at 4-0 at half time it felt like the game had slipped away from the Giffnock youngsters

A chance to regroup at the interval was just what was needed – as Giffnock returned to the pitch fully determined to turn the match around and put Drumphapel on the back foot. Admittely, conceding goals in the 49th, 53rd, 57th, 65th, 67th, 73rd and 77th minutes did somewhat dent that plan. However, to their credit, Giffnock did not give up and carved out a handful of excellent chances in the second half and were unlucky not to convert. Substitute keeper, Dale, drafted in at the last minute was kept very busy – and despite the goals conceded should be heartened by the number of good stops he made from close range with some brave goalkeeping.

Drumchapel played very well, organised and structured and quicker to the ball,  and there were no complaints from the home support as to winning team picking up all 3 points from this heavy defeat. Still, a nagging feeling lingers that had Giffnock played the kind of football that we know they can play then a closer game would have followed.