We help our clients recognise the importance of selecting and managing the right portfolio of domain names. A well-reasoned domain name strategy is the heart of your online presence. An On the Spot registration expert will guide you through the complexities, ensure your domain is correctly registered and advise on any web or mail services that you need now or in the future. You are assured of complete discretion in the processing of all registrations.

Review our terms and conditions of registration and renewal.

On The Spot Internet are a member of Nominet and we urge you to read Nominet’s terms and conditions if you are registering a UK domain with us.

On The Spot Internet are a TuCows reseller. Please read TuCow’s terms and conditions for all non-UK domains.

Please read ICANN’s Registrants Rights and Responsibilities Document.

Additional Information Regarding UK domains

All UK domains registered by us will be done via Nominet – the agency that oversees the .uk namespace. Your domain will have a renewal date (knows as the Expiry Date) that will be exactly the same date as the registration date plus the number of years the domain was registered for. OTS internet will send out a renewal email 30 days in advance of the expiry date and again on the expiry date.

As the domain owner (Registrant) you have 30 days after the expiry date in which the domain will still function – after which the domain is ‘Suspended’. This status means thatthe technical services associated with the domain e.g. web and email functionality will cease to work – BUT – the domain will still be available to renew for a further 30 days. There are no additional fees or charges to renew within the ‘Suspended’ period.

A further 60 days after suspension (so approx 90 days after the expiry date) the domain will be deleted. This means that it will become available for anyone else to register.


You can transfer your UK domain to any other Nominet affiliated tag holder by submitting a support request at http://onthespot.co.uk/support with details of the domain and the new tag. We do not charge for this service but do expect that any payment due for either the registration or renewal of the domain have been made before the transfer request is submitted